Name: Jack

Occupation: Contractor

Company: Builders, Inc

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Area and Perimeter
In order to build rooms and outdoor spaces that meet the customer's specifications, I have to know how to find the area and perimeter of any figure. Some of the more interesting designs are combinations of shapes. Knowing the area will help me calculate the amount of paint needed for a wall or the number of tiles for a floor. Knowing the perimeter is important if fencing is needed.
Scale and Proportion
Before I can start building a home, an architect must first draw a blueprint. A blueprint is a 2D miniaturized version of a house that shows the exact measurements of the rooms, doors, windows, and hallways. I have to be able to read the blueprint and envision a 3D model of the home that is scaled up perfectly. To do that, I need to understand ratios and proportions.
Solid home design begins with a good foundation. A simple foundation is a rectangular prism made of concrete. In order to determine how much concrete is needed, I must calculate the volume of that prism. That means I need to know the area of the first floor and the height of the foundation. The volume is the area times the height. If my measurements are in feet, the volume would be cubic feet.

Business Math

A contractor is a business person as well as a builder. I must take into account the cost of labor, construction materials, and equipment rental and make decisions that maximize profit. Pricing construction jobs requires the ability to estimate potential costs and determine an appropriate mark-up price. When I need to borrow money from the bank, an understanding of interest rates and compound interest will help me get the best loan. I also must be able to analyze data and assess the housing market in order to determine if a project will generate a profit or not.

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